0 - 9
1-2-3 Waltz

1st Steps Waltz    

2 Bit 2 Step

369 (Hotter Than A Pepper)

46 Step    


9 Eleven

1814 March

A - B

A Boy and A Girl Thing   

A Good Thing

Adirondack Stampede Roundup

After 5 Stomp

Afterglow (partner)

After Midnight

Ain't Got Nothing On Us

Alabama Boogie     

All Good   

Alligator Shuffle  

Alligator Walk    

American Kids     

Amor De Rumba

Angel Eyes 2 (partner)

Angel Two Step

As Good As I Once Was 

Arizona Cha Cha


Baby Bubbles

B Bop     

Back On Texas Time
    NEW 7/18/18

Backwoods Boatin' (partner)


Baptized In Beer

Barn Dance   

Beachin' (partner)  

Beautiful Loser 

Beyond The Blue

Billy B Bad 

Billy B Bad (partner)

Blind Love    

Blue Chip      

Blue Jean Swing

Blue Rose  

Blue Waters
   NEW 6/19/19

Bomshel Stomp

Bomshel Stomp LYRICS

Boogie Fun Walk    

Boots & Diamonds

Boot Scootin' Boogie

Box Waltz

Branson Waltz    

Brymbo Fantasy

Bump 'N Grind   

Busy Being Fabulous

E - K

Electric Slide

Eleven-01  (Volcano)


Elvira Cha-Cha


Fill In The Blank

Fly Like A Bird

Foot Boogie     

Forever Amen    

Georgia Peach   

Get A Long Neck 

Girl Crush For Two 

Go-Go Stomp

Good Time 

Groovy Little Summer Song


Hard Hat

Hardwood Stomp    

Head Over Boots

Heartland Bump 

Here For A Good Time

High Maintenance Only

Hillbilly R N R

Hitch Hiker  


Homegrown Honkytonk (partner)

Honky Tonk Stomp

Honky Tonk Twist

Honky Tonkin' Hillbilly Boy

Hooked On Country

Hot Off The Press

Hot Potato

Hush Hush

Iko Iko 4-2         

I Got This      NEW  6/20/18

I Love This Bar

I'm A Tornado   

Ina Waltz     

Jackson Strait           NEW   6/27/18

Jamaica Me Cha Cha  

Jim and Jack and Hank 

Jose Cuervo '97 

Just Dance (partner dance)

Just Le Doux It

Just You

K-Step Boogie

Keep It Up  

Kick It Up 

Kokomo Beach
L - Q

Lazy River

LeDoux Shuffle   

Let It Go 

Let The Cowboy Rock 

Lindan Boogie


Lonely Drum   

Looking Good

Lookin' Like Country

Lover Please Come Back

Magic Moon

Magic Moon (Partner)

Marry For Money    

Max's Dance    

Meat & Potato Man

MG Cha-Cha

Monterey Mama

My Give A Damn's Busted 

My New Life

Nathan's Wagon


Norticoke Shuffle (couples)

Oh Shit     

Old Dan Tucker   

One Step Forward     

Pocono Breeze       

Poor Boy Shuffle

Possum Strut


Pretty Good     

Psychabilly Boogie
R - S

Red Dog

Red Hot Salsa

Red Hot Salsa (circle)

Rednex Stomp In A Box

Red Solo Cup


Rhythm & Blues

Ride 'Em Cowboy

Rim Rock Dreams       

River Bank    

Rock & Roll Waltz

Rockin' Around      

Rodeo Blues

Rodeo Rock


Saddle Up & Ride  

Sandy Stroll

Sea Shells   

Seminole Scuffle

Sexy Tractor


Shotgun Jenny    

Side Kick (couples)   

Sidelines Scrambler   


Silver Buckle   

Sixteen Step

Ski Bumpus

Solo Two Step

Some Beach  

Southern Stride   NEW    10/17/18

Southside Shuffle

Stationary Cha-Cha

Stompin' The Honky Tonk

Stray Cat Strut


Stroll Along Cha Cha

Sugarfoot (partner)

Sugarfoot (linedance)

Summertime Cha-Cha  

Sunny Side Up       NEW   7/14/19

Suzanne Suzanne (lady's steps)

Suzanne Suzanne (mans steps)

Swamp Rat

Swamp Thang

Sweetheart's Dance

Sweet Sensation

Sweeter Than Molassas

Swing Switch   NEW  11/2018
T - Z

Ten Step Texas Style
   NEW  1/9/19

Texas Stomp 

That 21 Summer

The Buckle  

The Buffalo  

The Stroll

The Twist


Toby's Dance


Tornado Twister (partner)


True Believer

Tush Push

Two Step (Dance Y'all)

Upside Down

Urban Roadhouse     

Wagon Wheel Reprise  

Waltz Across Texas

Waltz Across Texas (couples)

Watermelon Crawl   

We're Knockin' Boots     NEW 4/2019     

We're Walking Back

West Coast Shuffle     

Whatcha Reckon 

Whiskey Wiggle


Wildhorse Saloon Cowboy Cha-Cha        

Wild Turkey Kicker

Wishful Thinking

Wrangler Cha-Cha    

You Never Know

Step sheets for dances we have taught in our classes
(will download as a Word document)

To see YouTube videos of some of these dances......click HERE
C -D

Canadian Stroll 

Can You 2 Step

Cha Cha One

Charleston Bump

Charleston Cowboy  (Big D)


Cheap Cologne
       NEW  9/12/18

Check It Out Cha-Cha

Cherokee Boogie


Chill Factor 

Clap Along   


Come Dance With Me

Cotton Eyed Joe Mixer

Cotton Eyed Joe Reel

Country Kickin' Hustle

Cowboy Cha-Cha   

Cowboy Cumbia

Cowboy Hip Hop

Cowboy Rhythm  

Cowboy Strut

Cowgirls' Twist    

Crash & Burn    

Crazy Legs

Creepin' Up

Crossing Crossover


Cute Cute Cute


Dance Feeva

Dancin' Feet

Del Rio Cha-Cha (line)

Del Rio Cha-Cha (couples)

Desperado Schottische

Desperately Cha-Cha (couples)        

Diamond Back    

Dirt On My Boots 


Double Buckle 

Double Diamond Waltz

Double XL  

Down 2 The Honkytonk  
Down On The Corner  

Drinkin' Partners (partner)  

Drunk Lovers