ACROSS - Movement across the Line of Dance or Movement of one leg in front of the other

The position of the body with relation to the Line of Dance

         PARTNER ALIGNMENT -  The symmetric alignment of a couple

AND - 1. Half of a Quick count (& 1 or 1 &)
            2. A Call such as "ready and"
            3. Indicates simultaneous action

APART - 1.  Movement away from partner or one foot away from the other
                  2. Placement of feet apart from each other (2nd position)

- A step in any direction, followed by a Close (no weight) and a Hold

BEHIND - A step with the free foot crossing behind the weighted foot

BODY MOVEMENTS - GESTURE: Any movement not connected with supporting the body weight
                                           STEP: The transfer of weight from one foot to another
                                           LOCOMOTION: Movement of the body from one place to another
                                           JUMPING: Movement without a point of support
                                           TURNING: Changing position in a circular fashion

The free hip lifts and moves in a circular motion in the direction of the weighted foot

BOOGIE ROLL - 1. Similar to Cuban Motion, using a forward and backward movement of the pelvis
                                2. A circular movement starting in the pelvis region, moving through the diaphragm,
                                    chest and shoulders

- To move the free leg by lifting the hip and stepping forward

1. A change or reverse of direction
                  2. See Rhythm Break

BRUSH  - (aka SCUFF)  To brush, sweep or scuff the foot against the floor

BUMP - Dancers bump hips to the side or the buttocks of their partners

CENTER - Individual:  Balance point of the body mass - located near the diaphragm
                    Couples:   Center point between partners

aka Black Bottom aka Montana Kick
                                A 4 count pattern of steps and kicks
                                Step forward left, Kick forward right, Step back right, Point the left toe back
                               (but what would we call it when it starts on the right foot. I personally call it a charleston 
                                emphasizing which feet are doing what.

CHAINÉ - A 360 degree turn, feet together in first position, changing weight

- A figure where one partner pursues the other

- To bring the feet together without a change of weight

- A call used to count the rhythm of foot movements and weight changes, or to count the beats of music

CONTRA BODY MOVEMENT  - A movement of the body into or from 3rd or 5th foot position which turns
                           the opposite hip and shoulder toward the direction of the moving leg

CUBAN MOTION -  Hip motion initiated by using the inside edge and ball of the foot during weight transfer  

CUP AND PIN - The man holds his left hand with the palm facing inward, thumb over the lady's fingertips.
                             The lady curls her right fingertips over the man's left fingers.
                             The hands are held approximately at the lady's waist level.
                             There is resistance needed for many changes of positions and turns.  

DIAGONAL - 45 degrees out from the center of the Line of Dance (direction)

DIG - To touch the ball or heel of the free foot to the floor with a strong emphasis  

DRAW -  (aka DRAG aka SLIDE)
                To bring the free foot slowly together to the weighted foot  

EXTENSION - To stretch or extend parts of the body  

FAN - Circular motion of the free foot
           TOE FAN:  Toe swings outward, pivoting on heel, and back
           HEEL FAN:  Heel swings outward, pivoting on ball of foot, and back

FAN KICK -  High, straight leg kick where the extended leg makes a circular sweep  

FLEX - To bend slightly or relax a portion of the body.   Example:  the flex of the knee

FLICK - Sharp, quick kick backwards with a pointed toe and a flexed knee

FOOTWORK  - The use of the five positions of the feet in dancing

             FIRST POSITION                   Feet together, toes forward and slightly turned out. ......Home, Center, Together

             SECOND POSITION                Feet parallel, shoulder width apart

             THIRD POSITION                    Heel to instep, or ball to heel 
                                                                     Used in rock steps, shuffles, polkas, triple steps, and basic swing
                                                                     EXTENDED:  Feet apart, heel pointing to instep

             FOURTH POSITION                  Walking step, forward or back, and rock steps

             FIFTH POSITION                         Heel to toe   Often used in a rock-step  

FOOT PARTS - Toe, Inside edge of toe, Outside edge of toe
               Ball... Inside edge of the ball, Outside edge of the ball
               Heel... Inside edge of heel, Outside edge of heel
               Flat... Inside edge of the flat foot, Outside edge of the flat foot

FOLLOW THROUGH - The non-support foot passes by the weighted foot before changing directions

FRAME - Dance posture for the purpose of maintaining balance and appearance

FREEZE - A stop, no movement

GRAPEVINE -  (aka VINE)   A continuous traveling three-step pattern to the side with crosses behind and/or in front  

               Feet together with weight on balls of both feet.
               Move heels apart on count 1, and together on count 2
               FAST HEEL SPLIT... takes one beat of music and is counted as "& 1"

HOLD - A count to describe a designated time before taking another step

HOME - Original starting place

HOP - A spring into the air from one foot and landing on the same foot

HOOK - (aka CROSS)
          The free foot moves as a pendulum in front of or in back of the weighted foot and is kept off the floor 
          The toes pointing downward

HOOK COMBINATION - A 4 count move using (1) heel (2) hook (3) heel and (4) together

ISOLATION - Movement of one part of the body independently of the rest

                   Step forward left, Step right across left, Step back left, Side step right
                  Step forward right, Step left across right, Step back right, Side step left
JUMP - Spring into the air off both feet and land on both feet  

             Lift both heels off the floor by bending the knees
             Return the heels to the floor 
             Takes one beat of music and counted as "& 1"  

LEAD - A non-verbal communication that initiates and continues movement  

LEAP - A transfer of weight from one foot to the other. 
             Push off with a spring and land on the ball of the other foot,  letting the heel come down 
             Bend knee to absorb the shock

LEFT - Refers to the left foot, hand, hip or a direction

LOCK - A tight cross of the feet in 1st or 2nd position

LOD - LINE OF DANCE  - Counterclockwise around the dance floor

LOOP TURN - An underarm turn to the left for the lady and to the right for the man  

LUNGE - A weight transfer to a bent leg with the other leg extended

PIGEON TOED - A pattern traveling sideways bringing the toes together leaving the heels apart, then bringing
                              the heels together leaving the toes apart

PIVOT - A traveling turn executed with thighs locked and feet apart in extended fifth position

PREP - A lead-in move or step a set up used as a preparation for a turn or a change of dance position  

QUICK - A step or weight change that takes one beat of music  

RESISTANCE - A balanced force and counter force between two bodies

RHYTHM BREAK - To leave the natural rhythm of the pattern  

RIGHT - Refers to the right foot, hand, hip or a direction

RISE AND FALL - Coming up on the toes by bracing the ankles and stretching the spine then lowering to the heels
              BODY RISE....The body rises by bracing the leg muscles and stretching the spine then relaxes to a
                                        natural stance

ROLL - The indicated body part circles right or left  

ROUND DANCE -  All types of social dances were once called round dances. Today round dance refers to couples
               or  groups of three or more, doing routine patterns dancing counterclockwise or clockwise around the
               dance floor

SAILOR STEP - A triple step dance pattern accomplished by leaning in the opposite direction of the crossing foot
               (weight stays centered over lead foots original position)
               EXAMPLE:  Leaning toward left
              (1) Step left behind right
              (&) Side step right
              (2) Side step left (to original position)  

SCOOT - (aka SKIP)
              Slide of the weighted foot (or feet) forward, backward or sideways.
              A hitch with movement of the weighted foot

SHUFFLE -  A triple step similar to a Polka step with no lilt (says NTA)
              1  Step forward left  &  Bring the right foot up to the heel of the left foot
              2  Step forward left
              Note:  From a technical stand point, a shuffle would be smooth, a polka would have lilt (bounce), and a
              cha-cha would have Cuban Motion.  This may be of little or no concern to the social dancer especially
              the beginner.  

SHIMMY - Alternating shoulder movements forward and backward

SLIDE - A movement in any direction 
               Stepping on one foot and then draw or slide the other foot up to the weighted foot  

SLOW - A step or weight change that takes two beats of music

SPIN - A 360 degree turn on one foot

SPLIT - The feet move apart with the weight evenly distributed over both feet

SPOT - A step in place that does not progress in any direction  

SPOTTING - Focusing on a fixed point through a turn  

SYNCOPATED SPLITS - Feet move apart separately and are brought back together 
                       Counted as "& 1, & 2"

STEP - The transfer of weight from one foot to another

STEPS WALKING - SLOW Usually takes two beats of music
                                     RUNNING - QUICK (Half of a Slow) takes one beat of music
                                     SLIDE (left or right)  May be taken to a Slow or Quick count
                                     PIVOT - A movement of the feet, turning on the ball or balls of the feet
                                     BALANCE - A step, together, hold  

STROLL -  A forward diagonal step followed by a cross behind (lock) and another step forward

STRUT - Moving forward, place the heel then the ball of the foot on the floor for counts 1, 2

SUGAR FOOT - Alternating swiveling feet in the direction of the un-weighted foot
                             Taken in place or traveling  

SWAY - A tilt of the chest to the side, without lowering the torso. Stretching from the side upwards  

SWING - The free foot is raised and moved forward, backward, sideways or crosswise  

SYNCOPATED PATTERN - Any variation of a defined dance pattern

SYNCOPATED RHYTHM - To step between the down beats 
                   Any rhythm pattern which uses accents other than the down beat  

TURNS - OUTSIDE.....A turn to the right for the lady and left for the man,
                  INSIDE.....A turn to the left far the lady and right for the man
                  FREE TURN.....To turn independently without any body contact
                 CHAINÉ....A turn with feet together in 1st position with a weight change
                 3 STEP TURN aka CONGA......A 360° turn in 2nd dance position, taking three weight changes and
                        ending with a touch or point. Often called a turning or rolling vine, because of it's common usage as
                        a variation within a dance
                PADDLE TURN.....A turn either left or right, using a series of ball changes with 3/4 of the weight
                        staying over the turning foot
                PIVOT.....A 180 degree turn taking two weight changes to complete.
                                  Done in extended 3rd or 4th dance position with the thighs locked
                TRAVELING PIVOTS.....Pivots danced down LOD in extended 5th position
                PIVOT TURN aka MILITARY TURN aka BREAK TURN.....Transfer weight to the forward foot then
                                turn 180° in the opposite direction of the forward foot. Return weight to original foot
                SPIN.....A 360° turn on one foot
                TWIRL.....A square dance term for turning the lady

VARIATIONS - Any movement of footwork that is different from the original footwork. 
               Personal note:  If you change the count or flow of the dance IMHO it's not a variation. 

               BALL CHANGE.....A change of weight from the ball of one foot to the other foot
              CROSS.....To move one foot over the other, either in front or behind
               KICK, BALL, CHANGE  May also be done as a Heel, Ball, Change.  ex:
                         1 - Kick forward right
                         & - Step down on ball of right
                         2 - Change weight to left
               IN PLACE, RECOVER....Return the weight to the original supporting weighted foot
               ROCK....Two weight changes with the feet apart, taken in any direction
               SWITCH....Shifting weight from one foot to the other in a rapid sliding movement 
               TOGETHER....To bring the feet together with a change of weight 

                The foot/leg bearing the weight of the body. The foot you're standing on.  



Glossary Of Dance Terminology