Music for some of the dances.
Here are some of the songs for the dances!!
The songs cannot be downloaded for recording from this site.  They are for listening only.

Turn up your speakers..........and practice!

1.  Kokomo by The Beach Boys for "Kokomo Beach"
2.  Bomshel Stomp by Bomshel
3.  All She Wants To Do Is Dance by Don Henley for "Dance Feeva"
4.  Brand New Girlfriend by Steve Holy for "Cute, Cute, Cute"
5.  Free and Easy by Dierks Bentley for "Sidelines Scrambler"
6.  What Kind of Love by Rodney Crowell for any cha-cha
7.  Alcohol Abuse by Billy Yates for "Slappin' Leather"
8.  Yoko by The Cartoons for "Hot Potato"
9.  Last Night by Chris Anderson & DJ Robbie for "Chill Factor"
10.  Walkin' After Midnight by GrooveGrass Boyz for "After Midnight"
11. Don't Say Goodbye by Radney Foster for "Alabama Boogie"
12.  Firecracker by Josh Turner for "Lindan Boogie"
13.  Desperately by George Strait for "Desperately"
14.  High Class Lady by The Lennerockers for "My New Life"
15.  Poor Boy Shuffle by The Tractors for "Poor Boy Shuffle"
16.  Toes by Zac Brown Band for "Toes"
17.  Iko Iko by Captain Jack for "Iko Iko 4-2"
18.  Creepin' Up On You by Darren Hayes for "Creepin' Up"
19.  Suzanne Suzanne by Bellamy Brothers for "Suzanne Suzanne"  
20.  Walking Backwards by Brandon Sandefur
for "We're Walking Back"
21.  New Flame by Dr. Victor & The Rebel Rastas  for  "Beautiful Loser"
22.  5-6-7-8  by Steps  for  "5-6-7-8"